MAEI: Conditions

1a. These conditions apply to all the contracts made by MAEI.NL to buy, sell and deliver products via the internet.

1b. if the customer points out to his or her own conditions then those will not apply.

Prices, shipping costs en shipping agreement

2. All prices are given out freely and as long as they are in stock. All the prices given out by MAEI.NL are made in euros and are BTW (Dutch VAT) included. The customer will be informed about the actual shipping costs through the invoice that will be sent to the customer by e-mail. For shipments in The Netherlands, the shipping costs are € 3,84,

For shipments inside Europe , the shipping costs are € 3,84. Shipping costs outside Europe will be given on request. For these shipping costs the conditions stated under point 8 apply. The customer can avoid this risk by notifying MAEI.NL by e-mail to deliver the order by secure post. The costumer will be notified about the actual shipping costs.

3. Prices can at all times be altered by MAEI.NL. The prices at the moment of the purchase are binding.

4. The contract of purchase and delivery of the products is finalised with the order confirmation by the costumer. The costumer will be notified by e-mail with a binding invoice. The content of the invoice are supposed to be equal to the order made by the costumer.


5. Payment can be made out in the followings ways
  • By bank wire prior to shipment to account number: NL09TRIO0784733368 and SWIFT/BIC TRIONL2U.
  • Paypal (choose the option: paypal)
When the payment has been received, the order will be dispatched within 3 workdays. If the payment has not been received within 14 days then the contract has automatically been terminated.

6. The ordered products will be dispatched as soon as possible, but ultimately 3 workdays after the costumer has paid for the order and the money is received by MAEI. This rule does not apply when the costumer has been notified either by email or on the homepage of the site of different delivery times. If the ordered products are not in stock, then the costumer will be notified via email and an alternative will be offered. If the costumer does not like the proposed alternative, then the costumer has the right to terminate the contract within 7 days after the order has been placed. The payment will be refunded.

Delivery times en risc during delivery

7. Given delivery times are only times that we strive for and therefore they are not legally binding. MAEI.NL can therefore not be held accountable for any damage that evolves from this.

8. The risk of damage to the products is transferred to the costumer the moment MAEI dispatches the products. If the costumer fails to receive the order, then the damage coming from this are accounted to the costumer. The costumer can choose for the order the be sent with assurance. The cost are for the costumer and cost for The Netherlands: € 11,00, for Europe € 16,00 en for the rest of the world: € 22,00.


9. If the costumer wishes to return the products, then the costumer needs to inform MAEI.NL and all the shipping costs are for the costumer

10. Products can be returned without any reason, within 14 days after receiving the order, and should be send to: MAEI, Van Peltlaan 205, 6533 ZE, Nijmegen, The Netherlands The products should not be damaged or being used. The shipping costs of the return dispatch are accounted to the customer. The customer will be refunded within 3 work days after MAEI has received the products.


11. MAEI.NL respects the privacy of all its costumers and will make sure that the personal information which you give us will be handled confidentially. The information that the customer fills in during registration is not registered, and applies to the Dutch Privacy Laws (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens (WBP). They will solely be used to give out the right information and to dispatch the order to the right address. All information given out to MAEI.NL will no be shared with others, or be sold to any third party. If you have any questions concerning the Privacy Policy of MAEI.NL, then sent an email to:

Guarantees, complaints and liability

12. MAEI.NL will sell useful materials which are almost equal to the images portrayed on the website. However the customer needs to take into account that size and colour differences will occur. Such differences will not give the customer the right the refuse the products. MAEI.NL cannot be held accountable on these grounds.

MAEI.NL gives a limited guarantee on its sold products. You have a 6 month guarantee on parts and locks, from the day of purchace. This guarantee does not include damage that is caused by: natural tear, water damage / lacker damage of the wooden beads by (rain)water, stains caused by perfume, complaints that arise by improper use. An valid invoice is mandatory to make use of guarantee. The shipping costs for returning the purchase are on the account of the costumor. The shipping costs for returning the purchase again to the costumor are on the account MAEI.NL. If the guarantee period has passed, then purchased products kan be repaired, on the account of the costumor. The costumer will be notified bij MAEI.NL about the actual costs, and after order confirment will the products be repaired.

13. Complaints have to be filed in writing or by e-mail, within 14 days. A proper description of the complaint has to be filed. The costumer cannot demand compensation if

  • The damage is not conform what is stated in the conditions
  • The products are not in the state in which they were delivered.

14. MAEI.NL is never bound to make any damage payments to the costumer or other persons, except in case of malicious intent on the part of MAEI.NL.

15. In case of events - every event outside our power, that causes us to fail to uphold our side of the contract - that under reasonable circumstances cause damage, MAEI.NL cannot be held accountable.

16. On all contracts only Dutch law applies.

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