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Marieke Slangen About MAEI
MAEI is a jewelry label designed by Dutch designer Marieke Slangen in The Netherlands, inspired by folkart from different countries around the world. Typical are the, hand painted beads, made after own designs. This makes every jewelry piece unique.
1 honest products, with a high artistic level
MAEI wants to make honest products, with a high artistic level. "Furthermore, it is important that our products contribute to society. Due to the fact that I have a background as a teacher in fine arts and design, the combination of education and art is a natural choice for me." After a long search Marieke Slangen came into contact with a group of artists, who could make her designs come to live. One of these artists is Radhey Shyam (54) with more than 40 years experience. He has been painting all his life. "This is really a form of art which is taught from father to son. As I have learned it from my father, so I teach it again to my children.", says Radhey.

Painters Intensive and time consuming production
That the production of these special beads is time consuming, is evident from the time it takes to make a bead. Radhey and his artists are only at the end of an intensive process. "In order to become an artist you need to learn the whole process", says Radhey. Artists in training chop a ball of wood. After that they start rubbing it with sandpaper until it is smooth, round and the correct size. Then they paint the beads in their base color. The beads are given to Radhey and his artists and paint the designs. At the end of the proc- ess they are varnished. It takes 2 to 3 hours to make a bead, but then it is really perfect.

Group of artists
Radhey is now working alongside four other artists and under his supervision they are painting the designs. These artists are all around 25 years of age, and already have about 10 years experience. "That is really necessary", says Radhey. "The designs made by Marieke are very detailed, and to do them right, it requires at least 5 to 10 years experience. For us it is always a challenge, because it takes time before we make the design our own."

bangle Trend with a tradition
Marieke gets her inspiration from her travels and visits to musea all over the world. But also by looking at present trends. "It has to be a combination: trend with a tradition". The recent collection is inspired on Indian Rangoli paintings. MAEI is being released in limited releases. Every item will be unique!

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